Morning Wildflowers,

Spring semester is finally almost done WOOOO, which means summmmertime-and-the-livings-easy is only days away. Also, I can’t wait to be done with school so than I can be able to post some more craziness for ya’ll.
My style is very boho babe. I’m always trying, risking and willing to wear all different types of fashion and new trends.   I have followed and been totally inspired by other bloggers. The only issue I have with these different blogs and instagram pages are the prices! The clothes and pictures are drool worthy, but hell, how the fuck am I suppose to purchase a shirt for $800?! I’m a college student over here twerkin for a Birkin, I can’t afford half of the shit posted! So, I use these pages and blogs as inspiration and give it a twist to create my own style.
Nearly a year ago I came across WILDFLOWER on Instagram @wildflower.longisland and automatically fell in love with this bohemian rock n’ roll boutique, located not too far from me in Glen Head, Long Island. I stopped in with my Mom in tow (because who better to shop with, right?!) and we were totally dazed by the vibe. Their clothes, accessories, jewelry, and shoes completely caught my eye. Not to mention the majority of everything is totally affordable! So naturally, I blew my entire paycheck and my mom left with a bag of goodies for herself too! Mackenzie and Lisa (the Mother/Daughter team who created this boho haven) are the sweetest and are a huge help. So, if you’re in the market for trying out some wild (or not so wild) boho fashion, I recommend you babes check us out.
Anyway, back to what I’m really trying to say… Being the new bitch on the blog can be intimidating, and I’m here to show you that you don’t need crazy expensive clothes to look rad as fuck. You don’t have to mock materialistic things to be fashionable. Find cool shit, put your own style and twist into it and you will be fucking unstoppable. BE YOU. BE FREE. HAVE YOUR OWN STYLE. HAVE FUN WITH IT.
xx Wildflower.Amanda

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