FesTival In$pooo.

FesTival In$pooo.

Hiiiii Wildflowers,
            I’m officially done with classes. WOOOOOOO. Now it’s time for SUMMERTIME livinnnn. LET’S TALK ABOUT CLOTHES. I’ve been waiting to do this for the past freaking week and a half. I’m sooo FUCKING EXCITED. For me the season has FINALLLLLY arrived, so lets get the fuck started. I mean who doesn’t luv different outfit ideas to try out. So here is a little festival inspooo for all of our flowerz our there.
My gypsy rock-N-Rollll flowerz YOU are my spirit animal. All your outfits and vibes that I get to see from your tags are totally wild and unique. I FUCKING LUV IT. Fringe, lace, suede, crochet, rips N cutoffs - I can go on fooooorever. literally. The trend I’m lovin’ at the moment is fun and wildddd chunky belts. Whether its jeweled, fringey, tassels, feathers, colorcolorBRIGHTCOLORS…I will be absolutely OBSESSED with it. Since its starting to get warm out and I can’t rock my bell bottoms without sweating bawls, I luuuuv to cinch these types of belt with my denim cut offs. Denim cut offs are just denim cut offs, but when you add this wild funky belt to your outfit… it goes from a 5 to a 10000000. In my opinion it completes the outfit whether you’re wearing a crochet halter, duster or poncho…your outfit will be fucking fab.
Alsoooo, I’m a lover of a good ass jumpsuit or a pair of overalls because I don’t even have to think about matching an outfit. Its an all in one vibe. BE DIFFERENT. When you go to these festivals... It’s not all about who can show the most skin, but who looks on fucking fireeee. A lot of you people don’t usually go for the jumpsuit/overall outfits, but babes listen to me DO IT. It’s how you make it. Accessorize the fuck out of it and people will be amazed by the delish inspo ideas you just gave them for next year’s looks. There are sooooo many out played looks that I still have luuv for, but seriously go outside the box. Have complete fucking fun with it. If you’re usually more conservative when following the trends of the season, then this is your fucking time to shine. So play it up, don’t be a fucking follower…us flowerz are better then that, we’re the people who show the festival world what the fuck is good with our




To my rave babes, I have just as much luuv for you as I do for my boho babes, but I’m just starting to learn your stylish ways. From researching and reading up I’ve fallen in loooove with J.Valentine clothing line for festival, costumes, and different rave wear. There is A LOOOT of cheeeeeesey sites out there for cheap ass rave clothes, not only is J.Valentine fucking fabulous but also affordable to the rave community. Its all about lightslights light ups, neon, tutus, mesh, velvet, crazy wild bodysuits and soo much more. I actually have the white fuzzy neon light up jacket from J.Valentine and I want to legit go to work in it. It’s the KEWLEST fucking jacket I own. SERIOUSLY. It’s soooo comfy and fun and ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY perfect for festival season. You will literally be the light of the party and everyone WILL want it.

If you really want to make a wilddd and crazy fashion statement get a funky ass animal hood. WILDFLOWER is now carrying the sickest UNICORN hood that will literally MAKE YOU DIE. It’s probably one of my faaaav things in the store right now. The quality is sick and they are sooo cozy comfy I will most likely nap in one. It will take your outfit and all the lights attached to you up a whole freaking level. ANYONE who sees you in this hood WILL be completely JEALOUS and will run to our website/store/tent @ MYSTERYLAND to fucking buy it. SO GET THEM WHILE THERE HOT BITCHEZZZZ.


xx Wildflower.Amanda


PSSSS- if ANNNY of our wildflowers have their own festivaL IN$Poooo or trends their lovinnn this season..PLEASE use the hashtag #WILDFLOWERLI on Instagram or tag us @WILDFLOWER.LONGISLAND. Each one of our flowerz are their own flower, so we want to see what your badass outfits are for the season and post them everywhere <3


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