GlitZ’N Glam’N MeSsy Hairs

GlitZ’N Glam’N MeSsy Hairs

Haaaaay my Wildflower babes,

            It’s 2:30 AM and I can’t sleeeep. Please kill me! I have to get up sooo early and do so much shit. UghHHH, so lets write a fucking blog. Tonight, well…. this early ass morning, lets talk about the glitz n’ glam, accessories and hair and makeup looks that are catching my eye this festival season. This is what makes our festival outfits. Accessorizing the fuck out of yourself and creating wild new makeup looks. It’s all about the jewels. Body paint, Bindis, henna, rhinestones, and glitterglitterGLITTER makeup! I’m going to focus on two of my favorite trends because for me, other accessories are much easier to apply. For your weave and mane… the messier, the fucking better! Or just get a crazy wig and call it a day.

Lately eyebrows are a key to life. literally. Everyone’s eyebrows must be on fleeeek. (BTW I feel 100000000x more white-girl every time I say that.) Well my favorite type of eyebrow fleeeky is glitter brows. That’s right bitches! Pick out your faav glitter color because you can give your brows a whooole new way of life. It is sooo simple that my grandma could do it.   And seriously, when I showed her a picture of my brows she wanted to do it… sooo HOW TO BROW? first obviously, you will want to have all your basics done. From your concealer to your faav foundation, bronzer, ect.  Then I recommend you get a tube of eyelash gel, like the Ardel glue that Mackenzie used on me..   Just brush the gel right over your brows, then GLITTER the shit out of those babies. BAM. Finished Product! You can do one color glitter, or even ombrè your color scheme to something insanely sick.

Also, we are luuuuuvin glitter lips. YES GLITTER FUCKING EVERYWHERE. If I could I would just be covered in glitter from head to toe daily, but my school and my boss (YES I DO WORK A REAL JOB IN THE SUMMERTIME) oddly frowns upon that. Any whoo, again, have all your basics done, and your newly wild glitter brows as well. When we applied mine, Mackenzie put a base lipstick color down first and then just dipped her finger in glitter, and pat it over the freshly applied lipstick. You could just go for the straight glitter look, but in my opinion the base lip color you pick makes the glitter pop even more. To use GLOSS ONLY approach, go in with your little brush and apply a Clear Lip Gloss, like MAC Lip Glass. Then you take your little pointer finger and dab on your glitter of choice. FOR you BABEZ who don’t want to have that CRAZYYY glitter look -- you can create a chapstick glitter paste. The chapstick paste is soooo easy to make. Just grab some Vaseline or chapstick of choice, add a fairly good amount of GLITTER and mix it together… you will then apply it like a chapstick and BAMMM there you have it. Fucking beautiful glitter lips you will never want to take off.

THE MESSIER THE HAIR THE BETTER. We are totally lovinnng the double bun theory. I personally love it if you put a jeweled headpiece with around the two- bun hairdo orrrr douse your center part in glitter. It looks sick. I have sooo much hair that it’s always a complete mess. I love the look where you can have one side in a messy braid, where the other side is in a messy bun. You might think I’m nuts, but WHATEVS!


When in doubt just add fucking glitter, nothing is better than that and if you’re having a horrible hair day and just want to give up… glitter will make you sooo much happier. (Because hey its fucking glitter, why wouldn’t it make you happier?) Try all different ideas. it’s not prom or a wedding. You’re celebrating festival seasonnnnn and your HAIR is supposed to be imperfect. So, my wildflowers please remember just go absolutely nuts and crazy with the hair…because that’s how you fucking do it for festival season.
xx Wildflower.Amanda

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