Hiiii Wildflowers,

     We are TOTALLY inspired! For the last few days, we’ve cut the shit out of our faav band tees && tie-dye tees. I NEEDED to make a quick blog about it because these t-shirts are the ABSOULTE shit. I have already taken home two chopped up tees and I’m waiting for us to chop, bleach, slash, burn and TOTALLYYYY destroy more - so I can have my pick of those too.

     These shirts are INSANE – wear them at your fav festival and for all things seriously summer fun. Whether you’re going to the beach, hanging out, or even going out with friends, they look fucking sick. From our chopped up classic rock collection of Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, The Who, our fabbb neon bright tie-dye shirts, there is also a collection of other one of a kind finds, YOU WILL NEED TO OWN AT LEAST ONE OF THESE SHIRTS. And just think… Every t-shirt is different in it’s own way, so you can to style it in YOUR OWN awesome fucking way. Pair it with ripped jeans, daisy dukes, skirts, you name it, this shirt will look freaking sick however YOU style it. I love layering a HUGE STATEMENT NECKLACE over it. The contrast between delicate and totallyyyy slashed is majorly ROCK N ROLL. You don’t want to wait to add one of these to your wardrobe. Because these tees are going QUICKLY!

                           Xx Wildflower.Amandaaa


PS- As you can see (in all these pictures) the PINK FLOYD one is my total faav!!!


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