Hiiii Wildflowers,

            7 DAYS UNTIL MYSTERYLAND. That means fold, pack, box, fold, pack, box, hang, box, pack, and soooooo on. Not only have we begun to pack all our merch, but we’ve been doing it in 1000000 degree weather, and the store doesn’t help. One minute we’re sweating balls in the back, and then we come to the front of the store and it’s literally Ant-fucking-artica. We honestly can’t win, but we do it for you bitches. I honestly can’t wait for you allllll to see what we are bringing. It’s honestly amazinnnnng. Rain or shine we’re all going to fucking parttttty! We have a BUNCH of surprises & NEW NEW sHiT we are bringing up to Mysteryland. Don’t worry if you don’t have tix and can’t make the FESTIVAL, allll our extras will hit the site and store so you all can go crazy and shop. That’s my little schpiel for now, I’m about to pass the fuck out. 7 days and there’s STILL so much freaking left to do. Please pray for our sanity, we need it.


                                                                                         Xx Wildflower.Amandaaa

PS- I now have my OWN wildflower.amandaaa instagram account!! Don’t forget to follow!! @wildflower.amandaaa


PSS- Follow both @wildflower.longisland and @wildflower.amandaaa for our updates and adventures @ MYSTERLAND June 10-13th


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