Hi Wildflowers!

When coming into the store – we like to ask you guys, what you enjoy most about your Wildflower experience & what makes you feel the vibe? Your responses are always amazing! And your answers are… The music we play, the style we encompass, and MOST of all… the SMELL! So many people inquire about the scent of the boutique… Ya know? That delicious, soothing smell that goes home infused into your clothing. From what we’ve heard, you all seem to want it!   Well… After time, and Mama Lee + Mackenzie’s desire for perfection – AURA Essential Oils are now available for purchase! 

Essential Oils help us Wildflowers relax into the world of our cozy yet crazy little boutique & this is just one part of the sensory overload that creates your personal shopping Eden that we like to call, Wildflower. 

The best of the best organic essential oils have been sourced out and blended together to create this fucking amazing scent. For too many years then she will let me say, Mama Lee has used essential oils for a bunch of causes, and is a freaking genius on which essential oil would be best for different healing benefits. She has done her research since (ahem – the early 90’s) and only wants the best of the oils used for our Wildflowers.


Get your hands on it… AURA by Wildflower


Room Spray Coming Soon ;-)


                                                     xx. Wildflower.Amandaaa



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