Hellllo Wildflowers,


         We just finished our weekend at Super Saturday supporting OCRFA. It was truly amazing! The event raised a ton of money for this cause and Wildflower alone helped raise $13,000! Yep, major round of applause! Not to mention, we got to meet a lot of new faces and even some homegrown Wildflowers! We TOTALLY LOVE seeing our local BABES turn up at these events with us! Girl Power to the BILLIONTH!

Anywayyyyyy, I have amazing news for ya’lll. Wildflower.LongIsland has now created TOKEN TUESDAY!!!! Token Tuesday’s are FUCKING AWESOME because for 24-hours (midnight to midnight EST) – our FAVS of the week will be 50% OFF! We’re talkin’ a MEGA flash SALE! And it will be happening online and in store! Yes bitches! These won’t be happening every week – only on chosen TOKEN Tuesday’s… Soooo keep your eyes peeled!! YOU’LL have 24hrs to buy these surprise goodiez! At 50% OFF!!! #areyoukiddingme?!


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@WILDFLOWER.LONGISLAND and @WILDFLOWER.AMANDAAA because we will be reminding you & posting about SALES + other COOL shit. Tuesdays don’t fucking suck anymore, so HAPPY SHOPPING during our new TOKEN TUESDAYS! Also, keep looking out for alll the fall stylez coming

  1. in. We have been slowly posting some pieces here and there, but you have no clue what’s in store for Fall ’16!!!!


                                                                  Xx Wildflower.Amandaaa


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