Fresh Fall Skincare

Fresh Fall Skincare

Hello pumpkin beer + sweater weather! Even though it’s super sad to say goodbye to all the humidity and hot weather (NOT), the one thing you can’t beat is your skin during the summer time.  All the extra moisture in the summer air is amazing for your skin. And the fact that you may have ditched a full face of makeup means your extra-hydrated skin also got a chance to breathe for the duration of 4 months. Even as the weather gets super crisp, your skin can still look just as good or even better in the fall season.  Here are a few of our favorite skincare tips.

Wash + Cleanse

Our skin is EVERYTHING to us, it’s our largest organ and we want to keep it nice, hydrated + healthy!  Now that our skin + pores have been clogged with all the SPFs during the entire summer it’s time to really clean all the junk out of our pores.  Our Artisanal Cold Pressed Soaps are hand-crafted right here in the USA by master artisans.  They are perfect for really clearing out all that junk we don’t want in our skin.  Because cold pressed soaps are cured without heat, the essential oils remain intact and in perfect condition to lather you in therapeutic happiness.  Out of all three delicious soap scents we have, my personal favorite is the Sandalwood. It makes my skin feel super happy, refreshed + hydrated!

Keep a Routine

Yesss, it’s super super annoying but we need to have a steady skincare routine. let’s just call it a new season revolution. Aside from our daily cleanse + hydrate, we should add on a few extra spa-like treatments to achieve extra glowing + hydrated skin. I love to give my face a good weekly steam with our Rose and Hibiscus Facial Steam.  I feel my pores really open up + I can gently deep clean to get rid of all that gunk + dirt.  Throughout the day I spray my skin with our Rose Hydrating Mist, not only does it smell super yummy, but it balances your skin’s pH balance while hydrating + calming with the delicious smell of rosewater.  This cooling, alcohol-free toner is uplifting to rehydrate and refresh your skin and your mood all day long.   


Face Mask

I love a good face mask.  They just make you + your skin feel so powerful.  My FAV thing to do at the end of the day is to throw on a face mask + soak my body in a warm bath.  My skin is super sensitive, so I LOVE a good sheet mask. I just feel like they are easier + a lot less messy than trying to apply different goops.  We recently got new face masks in + I love switching them up depending on my mood. I love the Pearl Face Mask we have, it brightens + revitalizes dark spots + just makes your skin feel fresh.  

The Honey Face Mask is also really good, it helps nourish stressed out skin + restores your skin’s elasticity.  The one I have been using lately is the Aloe Face Mask, this sheet mask moisturizes + soothes.  With the seasons changing + school starting, my skin has been all sorts of confused, so it’s really been helping me try to maintain a clean + fresh face.  But my favorite face mask for a little extra luxe feeling is the Gold Foil Face Mask.  It’s just the most fun + I feel helps your skin the most.  It helps with firming + collagen. After having the mask on for 10-20 minutes you lightly rub/dab in the remaining essence of the gold left on your skin for the ultimate glow.  

Bath Time

Now back to that bath, we have the BEST Bath Salts, they are legit magical and the packaging they come in is adorable too.  These bad boys are hand blended with pure sea salt, Epsom salt and a bit of bio-dynamic raw honey for the most relaxing soaking experience.  Each blend has its own aromatic notes made of pure essential oils, resins and absolutes. You can’t go wrong with any of them since they are all deliciously amazing + make your relaxing bath time that much better!  

So tonight, throw on a mask, take a bath, have a steam.  You won’t be sorry! Treat yourself or treat a friend. Happy cleansing + hydrating!






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