Hi Wildflowers! 

Happy Fall to all! I am lovin’ all this fall fashion! I’m currently writing to you while sitting in class having glitter fall out of my hair, and the kid next to me is so confused as to why there is glitter all around me.

As some of you may know, we participated in our local annual Sea Cliff Mini Mart (an awesome, once a year, street fair!)

And it was fucking AMAZING!

Tis the fucking season for Pumpkin beer! We just could NOT get enough! Besides the pumpkin beer craze, we went glitter-fucking-insane. Covered head to toe, from glitter beards (thanks Damien) to funky hair styles embedded with unicorn and mermaid-like glitter colors, I was in all my GLITTER GLORY! I am SO excited that WILDFLOWER will be carrying this sick new line Turquoise Moon! They make jewelry and GLITTER so we can all have our free spirit fix whenever we want!

Our glitter style and awesome vibes ran throughout the streets of Sea Cliff, NY. Everyone was lovin’ the fall vibes! There were a lot of other amazing artists and vendors there as well. We found this awesome macramé booth. All her pieces were so original and beautiful that Mama Lee had to purchase a bunch!! I currently have a piece hanging in my room right now that my mama keeps trying to steal because it’s just so fucking amazing.

We saw so many of the friendly faces and met some new ones! Being part of hometown festivals like this has such an extra special meaning to us!

For those of you who did get to see us at the Mini Mart, you all know this was a WILD once-a-year TREAT with insanely slashed prices, just for the day! Because of that, everything was FINAL SALE!

Now this sounds SO fucking weird to say, but the truth is… HOLIDAY SEASON is upon us! We are getting in lots of NEW goodiez so keep checking in! There will even be some contests on the way so make sure to read upcoming blogs // follow us Instagram // join our mailing list for all the deets! As of now, its back to class for me... Wish me luck! Hopefully I don’t fall asleep!          




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