Our Newest Arrival

Our Newest Arrival

Hey Wildflower Tribe!

For those of you who don’t follow us on social media…. On February 1st we welcomed Indi Reef into the world!  My 7 lbs 3 oz bundle of joy finally made her way earth side, only a mere 8 days late, but who was counting?

So far I’ve learned that labor wasn’t as terrifying as I expected it to be.  Epidurals are incredible.  Stitches on your hoo-ha suck.  Sleep when the baby sleeps is bullshit - between visitors, dogs, laundry, and feeding myself, the days all blur into one another.  Postpartum hormones are WILD and real, sometimes I realize tears are running down my face and I have no idea why.  But it’s all worth it.  Every lame cliche is true.  I didn’t realize it was possible to be so in love with someone.  Even with her lungs like an opera singer, little clenched fists and dirty diapers up to my elbows….  I.  Am.  Obsessed.  

I am finally beginning to learn the balancing act that so many of you do so well.  Juggling baby/work/life/husband/friends/family is an art.  And it truly takes a village.  I think all of you moms should hug yourselves right now because you are fucking heroes.  Especially the single mom’s (like my mom) who literally do it all, you deserve a crown.

We are so grateful for our friends, customers and followers who have stuck by our side during this incredible life moment.  So on behalf of the 3 generations of ladies here at Wildflower, we thank you!  We appreciate your patience while I acclimate into motherhood.

Bigger, better and exciting times are on the horizon for Wildflower.  We want to kick off the good vibes by bringing you some fresh styles and vibe-y goodies.


Mackenzie, Lisa & Indi


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