~Painted N Patched~

~Painted N Patched~


Hiiii Wildflowers,


      If you have been viewing our Instagram accounts @WILDFLOWER.LONGISLAND and @WILDFLOWER.AMANDAAA


Then I’m sure you have seen our sick one-of-a-kind denim jackets and vests. These beauties have been created for the fall season to uniquely and 100% fit your vibe. We have ones with patchwork, hand painted, or both. They are so fucking awesome! I got myself a painted WILD CHILD vest and I fucking live in it. Everywhere I go, people compliment me and ask ‘where the hell did I get that amazing piece’. If you have any questions about the painted or patch work and cannot make it to the store to see them in person look at our Instagram or email us and we will be happy to help you out! Send your emails to shop@WildflowerLI.com


Everyone needs a jacket or a vest -- it’s that final statement piece that finishes your outfit.


PS- Keep looking at ALLL the new arrivals coming into the store + online. They are all amazingly delicious, snuggly, soft and COZY! Just the way we like it. So start shopping on all our new looks for the most fabulous fucking fall apparel yet!


PPS - If you are one of our mailing list subscribers.... GO READ YOUR EMAIL!  We sent a gift to you to help jumpstart your FALL wardrobe  





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