Hiii Wildflowers,


         Summer is coming to an end, which is terrible, but we can make this transition a little sweeter because have some exciting news! Us WILDFLOWERS have started a rewards program just for YOU (YAAAY!). It’s super easy to create an account and start to earn points.


         Here is how it works -- every time you make a purchase in our store or online you earn 1 point for every dollar spent, which is fucking amazing. Once you’ve earned a bunch of points, you can redeem them: for every 400 points you will be able to receive a $10 off coupon, for every 800 points its a $25 coupon off, and lastly for every 1,600 fucking points you get a $50 off your next purchase. Your REWARDS POINT account will keep this breakdown for you so you’ll always know when its time for a massive savings!


AND WAIT! IT GETS FUCKING BETTER! You can earn points by not spending anything at all.

- SHARE the WILDFLOWER Long Island page on Facebook

- LIKE our Facebook page

- FOLLOW us on Instagram

- &&&&& get points on your birthday, because hey, it’s your fucking day.

         So if you haven’t already - sign the fuck up!


It’s SO EASY! Here’s how: on the homepage just click the REWARDS POINTS tab on the bottom right side, fill out your information, and BAM - DONE!       Just a heads up, even if you’re already signed up for our email updates, you will still have to create a rewards account! They are two different things, so you can choose to earn points without having our emails and vice versa… But why wouldn’t you want to join the email list too?!


So WILDFLOWERSSSSS it’s back to school shopping time, then the HOLIDAY SEASON (I know, slow down, right?) but this means when you shop, you get points. And then you’ll get enough freaking coupons to SAVE on your next purchase. That will keep more cash in your pocket! It’s a win win if you ask me. Happy shopping Wildfowers!


                                                                   xx Wildflower.Amandaaa


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