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Sage 101: How to Cleanse your Area


Posted on October 30 2018

Sage 101: How to Cleanse your Area

For years + years smudging your sacred space has been a ritual around the world.  Whether you are burning sage in your home, office, or even yourself; many benefits are gained when using sage.  Don’t let this bundle intimidate you.  Take a moment to breathe and bring yourself into a positive energy before cleansing your space.

Burning sage is also known as smudging.  Smudging is a Native American cultural traditions used for spiritual purification.

Take your lighter and set the end of your Smudge Stick ablaze.  You’ll want the leaves completely lit, then blow it out.  It will begin to smolder like a big incense stick.

Wave your sage bundle counterclockwise while you walk to each corner and crevice of your space.  The smoke from the leaves will direct into the areas that are in need of clearing + protection.  We like to imagine a bright, beautiful white light emitting from ourselves while projecting good energy and positive thoughts into the space.

As the smoke begins to clear, the spirit of White Sage carries away the negative energy that was once attached to that area, and back up to the Spiritual Light for good energy to reabsorb and take over.

Once you have finished your ritual, you can dab out your sage stick into a shell or ceramic dish.  Sometimes we like to run just a small amount of water over the lit parts of sage to be sure the fire is out.  We like to keep our sage stick displayed next to crystals + candles, ready to be used the next time negativity appears.

We suggest smudging when you move into a new home, after a party, after someone has an illness or virus, even after a fight with a friend.  Light that sage stick when you need to reset the energy and then to be re-inspired by the positive energy around you.   We even like to smudge after a little PMS outburst!

From our personal experiences after smudging, we feel relaxed and at ease, our space feels more at peace, and it smells good too! Start your own smudging ritual at home with our Jumbo Sage Bundle

Happy Smudging! Xo   

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