sunnny days

sunnny days


Hiiii Wildflowers,

         Sorry it’s been awhile, there has been so much shit going on. First off, I’ve been working craaazy hours at my other job, then fourth of July weekend came and I was completely dead to the world. So here I am after working a 12 hour waitressing shift in ninety five fucking degrees I’m here to tell you the latest.

         Well since 4th of July really feels like the start of summer for a lot of us, Wildflower has gotten in a haul of super cute and fun QUAY AUSTRALIA sunglasses. All of the sunnies have their own different personality and are super chic with affordable prices. Instead of spending $200-$300 on a crazy expensive pair which you never want to wear because your afraid to lose them or get the ruined, the sunglasses that came in range from $50-$60. Quay (pronounced key) sunnies are AWESOME! I’ve been stalking this brand for the last 3 years, and when Wildflower started to carry them I was soooo excited because it was so much more convenient for me then spending more money for the Australia shipping fee (no bueno.) I have several pairs of Quay glasses and they are amazing. I use them at the beach, boat, running errands, at work, and any type of going out event. They are perfect for vibe changing, and a really cute accessory for any type of outfit. I’m always getting compliments on my Quay sunnies whether it’s a customer at work or just passing someone. When you purchase them at Wildflower you also get a case with them, so that’s another fucking bonus. I own a lot of these babies and I’m always going for my fav style of the moment, Kiss And Tell in the rose/pink shade and they are freaking amazinnng. They are so different and really spice up all my summer threads. All the new Quay sunglasses are available online + in stores, I highly recommend you check these babies out and grab a pair before they are all gone!!

                                                                  Xx Wildflower.Amandaaa






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