Tiiiis the season!

Tiiiis the season!

Hi Wildflowers,


It’s officially December 1st, so deck the f*cking halls!  My life has been consumed with so much school and with finals around the corner I wanted to get a quick blog out to you about my thoughts on holidaze fashion.  Here in Wildflower-land we have holiday looks in full swing, and I’M OBSESSED.


With a head full of finals, gift shopping, and a calendar full of holiday parties (like me) - are you wondering what F to wear?!  Since everyone is snapping an insta-picture you obviously can’t get away with wearing the same outfit twice because let’s be real that’s basically a sin.


First of all, lets talk outerwear.  Upon entrance to your holiday party, the first statement you make is your jacketFaux fur, suede, leather and TEXTURE!  I have a few seasonal favorites from Wildflower, obviously.  The Admiral Jacket is classy with a splash of badass, you can dress it up or dress it down.  It’s vegan leather sleeves with side zippers make it such a classic piece.  These two are tied for second place… The Maura Jacket and the Thunder Road JacketBoth jackets have faux fur collars, but are so totally differentThunder Road looks insanely hot with a band tee and jeans or wear it to top off a body con for a sleek dressed up look.  Thunder Road has gold zippers and black faux fur collar (which you can unbutton and take off!) give it the all around vixen vibe.  The Maura Jacket is more subtle with its black faux suede bodice and a white faux fur collar/sleeve.  It adds that texture that we love!  These jackets look so cute with your holiday dress, bodycon dress or with just jeans and a tee — you will look freaking HOT.


Ok - lets get down to the dress.  Tiiis the sequins!  Three of my favorite dresses this season are by Motel - they are definitely holiday statement pieces!  First we have the Finn Slip Dress - this super sexy low plunge, open back mini dress will make you the center of any and all of your holiday events.  Its so awesome because the sequins are super lightweight, with a velvety back to each and every sequin.  Pair it with your statement choker and your ready to go for the night.  The other dress (which is my true favorite) is the Shine Slip Dress.  This black spaghetti strap slip has silver sequins and a black lace trim along the top and bottom of the dress.  Its a whole different approach on the basic sequin dress thanks to the lace.  Pair it with some thigh high boots or heels and your our the door!  Last but undoubtedly not the least, the Sargas Bodycon Dress! The bronze tones, high neckline and velvety feel make this mini dress a holiday go to.   All these dresses also look bomb with the Thunder Road Jacket or Admiral Jacket and totally spice up your look when entering the room.

We also have new arrivals daily and we have so many holiday gifts ideas its INSANE!  In my next blog I’ll be getting into awesome gift ideas if you’re having some trouble this seasonHappy Shopping!




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