Wanderlusting, Inspo + Gypsy Wrap Jewelry

Wanderlusting, Inspo + Gypsy Wrap Jewelry

Hey Wildflowers!

I know this is Amanda’s area of expertise, but I’m stealing the blogspot for a few!  I’m sure you all know my mom and I went to Haiti (for pics, stalk insta).  We were so inspired by the culture, especially the fact that the Haitian Artisians recycle their resources for their artwork.  Very much like my mom, they turn trash into treasure.  Needless to say, she was right at home with the local artisans there!

While in Haiti, we were able to visit with a school in Cite Soleil, the poorest community in the Western Hemisphere.  This school was created by the most amazing group of people just after the earthquake.  For the community, this isn't just a school, it serves as a safe haven during storms, supplying many with food, water and shelter.  After recent hurricane Matthew, the schools playground was in need of new equipment - and thats where Wildflower stepped in donating a new playground for the kids to enjoy!  In typical Haitian fashion, the playground is being built by a local artist.

Fast forward - en route back to JFK - we were totally buzzing.  We couldn’t leave Haiti and truly leave!  We needed to help this community continue to give these kids the education and safe haven they deserve.  Side note - we can’t wait to go back and help rebuild their garden! 

We were totally inspired, can you tell?!

Back in New York, the lightbulbs went off and we decided to design a jewelry line inspired by our trip, making sure each and every piece gives something back to Haiti.

Enter - Wildflower style wraps, created with repurposed fabric and beads, donating a portion of the proceeds to PRODEV HAITI, the non-profit organization that manages and supports Haitian schools for communities in need.

For real, each piece is a boho babes dream.  These braided wraps are one of a kind accessories that can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, choker, anklet, belt, and hair accessories.  See photos below -- showing you how I like to wrap mine.

Use your imagination and wrap this bohemian beauty anywhere - when you do get creative with it - tag me on insta!  I love seeing how you guys rock your Wildflower threads.




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