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work hard, relax harder….


Posted on December 01 2016

work hard, relax harder….

Hiiii Wildflowers,


School has basically taken over my life.  I may get 5 hours of sleep Mondays-Fridays, so I’m feeling like a zombie.  But hell, with all these hours I’m putting in,  I still need to enjoy myself.  Life shouldn’t always be about work & school, so Mackenzie and I decided to take a day off and check out LUSH Spa, NYC.  Now I’m obviously gonna blog all about it.  

If you heard Lush and you’re thinking - bath bombs - you are totally in the realm of what I’m talking about.

Lush actually has a spa in addition to all the delish products they sell!  Ever since hearing about the Lush Spa launch, I’ve been dying to go.  Soooooo Monday on our day off, Mackenzie and I went to the city to experience the hype!  After stalking the spa menu, we chose the Hard Days Night package.  It wasn’t your typical massage.  They used a combination of stretching, meditation, and heating techniques to make you feel at rest and ease.  In the background during your massage, they play dope remakes of all Beatles songs.  It truly takes your mind on a trippy outer body experience.  At the end we were served tea and British cookies on top of a vinyl record — the classy rockin' bitchez we are (hahahaha).  The spa day was amazing, I would totally go back again and highly recommend you make the time to experience it. 

Sorry about my little rant about this, but Wildflowers need to relax too!  OHHH and also check out the website for all our new goodiez, the holiday season is RIGHT around the corner!


                                   Xx Wildflower.Amandaaa

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