your nest vibe…

your nest vibe…

Hellllo Wildflowers,

Another week and I am dead to the world. Ughhhh.  Whenever I get home from school I literally CANNOT wait to light my incense and jump into my bed to relax.  Different scents, oils and burning incense can truly help one be at ease.  They are a great way to make any space your own.  And if you needed any education, or had questions on which would be right for you, Wildflower has your answer.  Wildflower carries so many different products for you and your home.  From sage bundles that help you cleanse and clear negative energy, to the various incenses which help connect to your Earth.  Our newest item is Wildflower’s organic essential oil, AURA.  Aura starts off with a citrus, fresh scent and  relaxes into an earthy aroma.  This scent was designed to promote relaxation and ease anxiety, it smells really freaking good too.  Aura can be used to diffuse and worn on your skin blended into your favorite lotion or oil.  Also check out Beautiful Mess, which is like Aura’s sister.  Beautiful Mess is a roll on, wearable fragrance that starts off more woodsy but has undertones of Aura’s citrus scent.

So if you want to create or enhance your Nest Vibe this winter, snuggle up with aroma.  If oils and incense aren’t your thing, Wildflower also makes delishhh candles as well.  We get a lot of positive feedback about the Wildflower brick and mortar vibe, and how freaking amazing it smells. 

With the holiday season coming up these nest enhancers are amaaazing gifts for you and your tribe!


        xx Wildflower.Amandaaa  


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